He Reaches Out Still

So many of us are satisfied with the status quo of Christianity…God stays where He is (wherever that may be) and we stay here and “admire” Him from a distance, but that is NOT God’s design.  From the beginning of time God has had an outstretched hand.  The Word of God says that He is the same yesterday and today and forevermore.  His plan is shown in the relationship He had with Adam and Eve in the garden.  God sent His son after the sin entered the world and distorted everything to restore us to His plan…His plan of relationship.  A relationship is His blueprint for mankind.  For all eternity our Savior has and will have His hand outstretched to us.

So, as I sit here I pray that I would not chicken out, but would ascend the hill so to speak and go deeper with God.  I don’t want to be like the Israelites who sent Moses and stayed at the bottom of the mountain…scared.

Now, it may be in human nature to turn from God, but Moses is proof (as well as many, many others) that the Holy Spirit leads us on and we experience the truth…that God is waiting, reaching out, longing for us to grab His hand.  So as it is said in the Jesus Culture song…

I’m not afraid…show me your glory.  Grab that outstretched hand.