the world needs you.

I started something new…

That's a beauti~FULLife


I am a firm believer that to make one’s life better, one should be a giver.  Giving to others can have a profound effect on a person and their perception of life.  Giving tends to make a heart more thankful, fruitful and optimistic.  I am not just referring to giving money, while that is good and helps make the world go around, I am talking about the giving of one of our most valuable assets…time.

We all have something to give, whether advice, experience, a friendly shoulder to cry on or just a smiling face and it is needed, desperately.  Let’s face it we live in a world with dark spots, tragedy and heartache.  If we become givers, we become a more compassionate people, prone to optimism and wander farther away from being self-centered.  At times, everyone needs a little TLC, compassion and a smiling face.

So go out there…

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