for the sake of the dance

A time always comes into our lives when we are consumed with what needs to be done, work, errands, chores, school work, grading school work (in my case) and the list goes on…it always does because a to-do list never really goes away, right?

When this happens though, the most important things tend to be forgotten or pushed to the back burner.  Here is a thought provoking questions…what happens when you leave something on the back burner and focus on those things that “need” your attention now and always “need” your attention now?  Those things on the back burner, if kept there, will eventually burn and generally it is our relationships that get placed back there.  Especially our relationship with God, seeing as He isn’t in our face daily to ask us when dinner will be ready or is requiring something of us.  Sometimes we need a reminder that relationships are the most important things in life, not to-do lists.

I know this has been me lately, event planning, work, finishing up the homeschool year with my kids, dozens and dozens of daily emails to respond to and oh by the way God… “hi and thank you for today.”

Whenever God and I become “passing ships in the night” and I don’t stop to protect my time alone with him, (which goes far beyond just spending time reading the bible and devotions) exhaustion, frustration and lonelinessImage can set in.  I am talking about sitting down and having a “date” night with the Lover of your soul.  I am talking about not just having passing conversations, but taking time to dance with God in private worship.  If you are married, have children or friends for that matter, what develops more intimacy, passing conversations or sitting down and having dinner together?  Passing conversations are a part of life and needed, but I am talking about something deeper.

I have been focusing on all that needs to be done, including the “dance” steps of my relationship with God, like reading the bible and the list can go on.  Well, tonight in worship I felt the lover of my soul speak deep into my heart and say, “you are focusing too much on the steps and not just dancing with Me.”  Just dance for the sake of the dance, stop focusing on making sure that you are carrying out the right steps.  I am pretty sure that if you are looking towards the One who gave His all just to dance with you, He won’t mind if you step on His toes ;)  Not to mention, when we are looking towards God and allowing Him to lead we naturally follow in His step.

Just enjoy the dance.

(And if you want an idea for a great family time…turn up the radio and have a dance off!)

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